Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g

Mac Baren Dark Twist 100g



It is an interesting process to get the cut of this tobacco. Whole leaves are used as wrapper for the rope and the inlay is divided into two groups. The first group contains 100% pure Virginia tobaccos, meaning that the whole leaves are used as wrapper leaves and the leaves with small imperfections are used as the inlay.

The second group contains whole Virginia leaves as wrapper and Dark Fired Kentucky as inlay, meaning you see the dark tobacco in the centre and the brighter Virginias around it.

After the tobaccos have been spun into ropes it is stored for weeks and then cut into small coins. The blend of Dark Twist is broken down as follows. For every 2 coins of Virginia tobacco there is 1 coin with a centre of Dark Fired Kentucky.

The only addtions are water and maple sugar, which are are boiled and added to the tobacco. The result is sublime!


Style: Virginia based "Aromatic"

Contents: Black Cavendish, Kentucky, and Virginia

Cut: Coin/Curly 

Strength: Mild to Medium

Body: Medium